Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back from the Warp

What up, playahs!

I can't believe its been months since I've posted here!  I apologize for the delay, with my current work schedule getting so crazy its been hard enough just posting videos in my spare time.  I'll try to get back to snapping some stillshots WIP of whatever I'm doing (New Year's Resolution for 2013!), but in the meantime, I hope you've all been checking out my videos on youtube!  Its been a great month for the Ironblaster cannon and I want to really up my video output with the Empire color schemes.  Just as a sneak peak for all of you, here's what I have PLANNED (ahh, the best intentions, and all that...) in the coming days, in no particular order:

Empire Provinces Taetorials
A series of videos showcasing how I would paint each province of the Empire, including lost provinces like Solland and Sylvania, and lesser used city-state color schemes, like Bogenhafen and Marienburg.

Unboxing Demigryph Knights
You know I's gots ta do it!

Demigryph Taetorial
Gonna paint me up some chocobo knights!

Bragg The Gutsman
Another Ogre Kingdoms taetorial for my homeys at the Stronghold, this one should be relatively fast and easy, and great for OK players who have the model but don't like to use him as a Special Character because of his poopy rules, this will allow you to paint up and use this fantastic little sculpt in your unit of Maneaters as a double handed weapon-wielding psycopath he is!

Unboxing Vargheists/Crypt Horrors
I'll be building up two Vargheists, and one Crypt Horror, for people to see how easy each one glues together, and looks when completed.

Vargheist Taetorial
As the clear winner of my youtube poll, the Vargheist will be the first going under the brush!

Crypt Horror Taetorial
Hosted by my live-in manservant, this video will show you how I would paint up a Crypt Horror like Igor.

Unboxing Mortis Engine
Poor Coven Throne!  Nobody loves you!  Hopefully there will be enough awesome Coven Throne leftover bits for me to do something with them elsewhere in my Vampire Counts army.  For now, though, this should be a very fun unboxing video!

Mortis Engine Taetorial
Igor says its time to pimp his ride!  Again!  And so, in sub-assamblies like the Ogre Kingdoms Ironblaster, I show how I paint the Mortis Engine for the Vampire Counts army!

The Warboss Wishlist
Sadly put on the backburner because the time I'm not hobbying at home, I'm spending sleeping and recovering from my new crazy schedule, I still like to scan the list every now and again in case I actually DO find the time to do something not on my priority heap =D