Friday, December 30, 2011

Fiddly Skeletons!

Almost finished with my Product Review - Vampire Counts Skeletons!

Wow, are they fiddly!  Small joints, delicate joins, each mini looks like it has half the plastic content of an Orc Boy.  Praise Sigmar for the small applicator tip of Model Master Liquid Cement!

"Hey, you kids!  Get off my Plastic Cement!"

I thought a fun little modelling thing would be to have the guys in the front with their shields up, protectively, while they march forward, implacably, to meet the foe!

Hope you like them!  The product review video should be rendered and uploaded by tomorrow.


  1. Hey mate! I am starting a tomb kings army and a tutorial on how you would do skeletons would be amazing! I am also planning on doing something like you did on the dwarfs on youtube on my channel as soon as the exames are over in the end of january.

    Tell me about fiddle.. After cutting 4 pair og legs outta the first 4 skeletons i made i manage to snap of 2 pair of feet lol. Luckely they go right back with some glue...!

    best wishes Ras

  2. Hey Ras,

    Sounds like its going to be a fun project, once your exams are out of the way. I like the new TK stuff, but I could never get into the all-skeleton asthetic (I love me some zombies and vampires!)

    I hope to follow along with your daily project Tomb Kings!

    Yes, I'm definitely going to do a tutorial on painting these skellies, hopefully it should be out before the year's end. Thanks for the suggestion and for following my YouTube and blog!