Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ogre Update - Standard Bearer

What up, playahs!

Here's what I was able to finish yesterday.  A WarbossTaetorial on How to Paint a regular old Ogre:


And a standard bearer for one of my units.  Praise Sigmar it was the only one that I put together with a cloth front, because I don't think I could do another free-hand one.

So as my Ogre army is coming together, I am starting to develop a little bit of fluff for them.  I think I want my army to be a wandering band of mercenaries globetrotting the Old World and getting into all sorts of crazy adventures.  Where I am in Hawaii, sometimes groups of tourists or college kids from the University will rent out mopeds on a Saturday and just drive around the island in one large noisy group, stopping at a beach here, or getting shaved ice (or an ice cone for my mainland or world-wide readers =) shaved ice in a cone with flavored syrup) and generally having a good time. 
That's how I see this army.  The Great Maw called out to them to take a holy pilgrimage and be like Russel Crowe in that South Park episode ("Making movies, Making friends, and Fightin' round the world!")  One day, they get in a scrap with some Empire troopers and after smashing up a unit of Greatswords, they decided to take up their banner and use it as a trophy.

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