Monday, January 23, 2012

Puppy! Dire Wolves coming soon!

Here's a test model for my upcoming Dire Wolves taetorial video.  There is still some final highlighting I think I'll need to do before I can say its finished, but overall, I think it came out pretty well.  Its amazing what washes can do!

Here are the paints I used (all GW):
Dheneb Stone
Adeptus Battlegrey
Red Gore
Calthan Brown
Ogryn Flesh
Baal Red
Leviathan Purple
Badab Black
Bleached Bone
Skull White

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unboxings and Tutorials!

Hey everyone!  I just finished filming a "How to Paint Less-Armored Vampire Counts Skeleton" video, and it should hopefully be up later tonight.  In the next week, I've got a lot more unboxings and tutorials planned so keep watch for them on YouTube.  I'll be posting all the pics here so keep checking back to my blog as well, and thanks for all of your support!

If you haven't seen my newest Bragg the Gutsman unboxing video, here it is!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ogre Updates, and Izzy Taetorial on the way!

Hey everyone!

I know I haven't posted here in a while.  Things have been pretty crazy in real life, not to mention the release of the Vampire Counts has kept me pretty busy.  Anyway, I want to thank everyone for subscribing to me here and for all of your submissions to the Warboss Wishlist, I have a great list of side projects now that I will definitely try to get to as the year progresses.  My hope for the year is to get the majority of them knocked off the list for your viewing pleasure (and my wallet's pleasure as I intend to sell off most of the one-off pieces that I don't currently have an army for).

Anyway, here are some pics of the Ogre Ironguts that I've been working on lately, as well as some pictures of the lovely Isabella von Carstein model that I'm currently working on a Warboss Taetorial for. 

The Ogres are part of an Ironguts squad that was seconded to the Nordland Navy, and they still wear their former regimental colors of Blue and Yellow.

As for Izzy, you'll notice that she's not nearly done, but the majority of her basecoats and washes have been applied.  Part 1 of the Taetorial is rendering for upload as I type this, and as soon as its on YouTube, I'll get to work on Part 2.   Thanks for all your support in reading this blog!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Warboss Wishlist

I've decided to start compiling all of the requests that I've received over the years, through my Youtube inbox.  I'm going to try getting to them as much as possible, and I'll show off the list once I have it all written out, but if you'd like to get in on this action, just write a comment on what you'd like to see me paint up in a tutorial and I'll be sure to try getting to it.

(please read the following out loud in a fast, monotone voice for the best effect) WARNING - having your model on the Warboss Wishlist does not necessarily guarantee that Warbosstae will paint it.  Warbosstae is very busy with painting other models, making awesome videos, and living a life outside of the wargaming hobby that is also very awesome.  Adding your request to the Warboss Wishlist may or may not result in the following side effects: Involuntary Blowhole, Sweat Pants, and Mind of Mencia.

"Iron Hammer" and "Brunhilda" join the other Leadbelchers. Unit's DONE, son!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Leadbelcher Tutorial Incoming!

That's right, playahs! 

As my computer goes about the herculean task of rendering and uploading the massive WarbossTaetorial to YouTube, I thought I'd upload some pics of my 2nd Leadbelcher, and the one that I used for the painting tutorial.

He is a little cleaner than the test model, and I haven't yet given hi a tattoo, but I did freehand his gutplate with the name "Long Tom" which was the name the Empire troopers had given to the cannon he bears into battle.  Let me know what you think!

In order to paint the gutplate banner, I started with the base of Chaos Black, over which I painted a strip of Khemri Brown.  Then, I used my Micron .005 pen to outline the scroll, after which I painted in Bleached Bone and Skull White highlights.  Finally, I used the pen to carefully write in "Long Tom"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sometimes, a girl just wants to look nice while she bashes yer face in!

That's right, playahs!

Who's the meanest of the mean?  Not that Golgfag sissy.  "Kim" Karr-Bash-ya-in!

She's always rockin' the finest handbags and goes to the most expensive Cathayan Nail Salons.  Her make-up is always in place and she keeps herself warm with a beautiful "authentic" Yhetee fur her baby daddy got her for Christmas.  Don't be hatin!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nuln Leadbealchers!

Just had an idea that I think will carry over to the rest of my army.  I've decided that my Ogre army will be largely a tribe of roaming Ogre Mercenaries.  With the inclusion of my many manly Maneater models (try saying that three times fast), and with the already vaguely Imperial Bull and Gnoblar units, I think I'll carry the theme over into my Leadbelchers.

FLUFF WARNING!  Read on at your own peril!  =D

My fluff for this unit will be that these Ogre mercenaries were paid to join a small Imperial army specifically to guard a battery of Nuln artillery for a campaign against insurrectionists.  Seeing how they admired the large and devastating weapons, an intrepid Engineer decided to teach these Ogres some of the more basic points of the artillerist's art while on the road between battles. 

Showing an amazing (for Ogres, anyway) aptitude for learning, the lumbering hulks spent their nights poring over sketches and drilling simple arithmetic tables and equations of range finding and wind adjustment into their muscle-bound heads. 

During battles, they would watch the cannon crews work, memorizing their routines of loading, sighting, and firing their cannons.  While other Ogres would have stood around waiting for the enemy to bring the fight to them, the Ogre mercenaries were cultivating their appreciation of artillery and its use in battle.

Then late one evening, while camped deep within Reikwald forest, disaster struck.  Chaos-worshiping traitors within the ranks assassinated the army's Generals and Captains as they slept, and a horde of filthy and crazed beastmen allied with the mutated insurrectionists stormed out of the forest to destroy the now-leaderless army. 

The Engineer Captain and his men were among the first to be slaughtered, and seeing that the great and powerful cannons were left without masters, the Ogres ripped the great weapons from their carriages and brought the fight to the enemy, blasting them with whatever grapeshot they could find and using the massive cannons as clubs if any of the beastmen drew near. 

At some point during the bloodbath, the beastmen lost their nerve and routed. 

As the sun rose, the Ogres saw that they were among the few living souls left within the once-great army of the Empire.  Without proper leadership, the disheartened state troopers began the long trek back to Nuln to report the slaughter. 

None thought to ask the Ogres to go with them, and the cannons were chalked up as a loss.


So in keeping with what I think is an awesome background story to my leadbelchers, I'm going to be painting them up in the army colors of Nuln (they haven't thought to change their clothes since the great massacre) and I'm going to call them by the names their old cannon crews called their cannons.  They've long since forgotten their original names.  "Long Tom" "Ol' Cranky" "Ironsides" and "Brunhilda"

Ogre Ninja!

Here are some pics of my Ogre ninja, Steve, and his pet Gnoblar, Hitoshi Fukunabi (pronounced foo-koo-gnobbie lol).  I decided to give him a 'Yakuza'-ish tattoo on his left arm and am also including some work in progress shots.  Once I painted the base colors, I used my black Micron .005 pen to trace the design.  What do you think?

I was really happy with the way the scars on his chest came out.  Here is the recipe I used:

1) Paint Leviathan Purple into the scars, when dry paint the following colors one by one
2) Baal Red
3) Scab Red
4) Dark Flesh
5) Let scar dry, then paint a thin line of Gloss Varnish in to give the appearance of fresh blood and pus.

New Tripod!

That's right, playahs!  Thanks to my brother finding an awesome baby tripod that will fit right on top of my modelling table, I can now do painting tutorials where I actually PAINT while I'm talking, which I know is one of the things I enjoy watching Girlpainting and Les at APJ doing.  I'm counting down the days until I have to go back to school, but until then, I'm going to work my butt off to get as much content online as possible.