Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sometimes, a girl just wants to look nice while she bashes yer face in!

That's right, playahs!

Who's the meanest of the mean?  Not that Golgfag sissy.  "Kim" Karr-Bash-ya-in!

She's always rockin' the finest handbags and goes to the most expensive Cathayan Nail Salons.  Her make-up is always in place and she keeps herself warm with a beautiful "authentic" Yhetee fur her baby daddy got her for Christmas.  Don't be hatin!


  1. Not bad at all. Your color choices are really sound. Man, you're a machine down there in Hawaii pumping out this stuff.

  2. What setting is your camera on to get this level of closeness?

  3. Thanks! haha, I had some free time for the holidays and thought I'd crank out the vids! Glad people out there like them =D

    My camera is just set on Auto-focus on the close-up setting. I'm not that knowledgeable with cameras, sorry! Its great that the zoom and depth of field is so great. Thanks again for writing!