Friday, January 6, 2012

Leadbelcher Tutorial Incoming!

That's right, playahs! 

As my computer goes about the herculean task of rendering and uploading the massive WarbossTaetorial to YouTube, I thought I'd upload some pics of my 2nd Leadbelcher, and the one that I used for the painting tutorial.

He is a little cleaner than the test model, and I haven't yet given hi a tattoo, but I did freehand his gutplate with the name "Long Tom" which was the name the Empire troopers had given to the cannon he bears into battle.  Let me know what you think!

In order to paint the gutplate banner, I started with the base of Chaos Black, over which I painted a strip of Khemri Brown.  Then, I used my Micron .005 pen to outline the scroll, after which I painted in Bleached Bone and Skull White highlights.  Finally, I used the pen to carefully write in "Long Tom"

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