Monday, January 23, 2012

Puppy! Dire Wolves coming soon!

Here's a test model for my upcoming Dire Wolves taetorial video.  There is still some final highlighting I think I'll need to do before I can say its finished, but overall, I think it came out pretty well.  Its amazing what washes can do!

Here are the paints I used (all GW):
Dheneb Stone
Adeptus Battlegrey
Red Gore
Calthan Brown
Ogryn Flesh
Baal Red
Leviathan Purple
Badab Black
Bleached Bone
Skull White


  1. Looking good mate, I like it alot!

    I aint been able to get into the VC's this time around for whatever reason. I painted 5 ghouls over the weekend...they came out looking s**t so kinda thought meh to it. No sure why really as I've always loved the VC and TK both army wise and fluff.

    Guess I'm too into my Ogres at the mo..

  2. Hay Warboss tae can you do a painting tutorial on ogre kingdoms yhetees pls

  3. I love these puppies. I painted up 20 of them, thanks for you help :)