Monday, February 6, 2012

Puppies, Corpse Carts, and Krell

Sorry its been a while, I know!  It doesn't help that Papa Nurgle blasted me with one of his plagues again and I've been sick as a dog this past week.  But, hopefully, all of you have seen my newest set of videos on YouTube!  Here is just the first of my two newest taetorials for the Vampire Counts, on how to paint the Dire Wolves, and how to paint Lewis' pimped out ride!

You also may have seen my newest video, just posted today, on Krell.  Here it is if you haven't!

Also, I'm trying to add to my reviews a little more structure with the following formula, what do you think:

1)  How easy is it to put together?
2)  How easy is it to clean off the mold lines and flash?
3)  What sorts of extra bitz come with the kit that you can put into a bitz box for later?
4)  What is my general opinion of the way the model looks and final thoughts?

By implementing this structured review at the end of my unboxings and product reviews, I think people will have a clearer idea on all of the things that I think are important to prospective purchasers.  Do you have any suggestions or creative criticism on my checklist?  Is there anything you would add or take out?  Let me know!

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